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About Hot Tub Movers NJ

Hot Tub Movers NJ is a reputable New Jersey-based company that has been providing quality professional hot tub installation, moving, and disposal services, as well as, diagnosis and tub repair services at an affordable price range.  Additonally, we also provide swim spa moving and repair services! 

We are a certified team armed with the right knowledge and field experience, that’s committed to relocating your hot tub to wherever you want it to be without any damage.

If you are in need of a hot tub moving service in New Jersey, count on us; give us a ring! We have been providing hot tub services for the families across New Jersey since 2017, and over time, we have continuously mastered our craft and invested resources to get the job right to ensure that our customers save time and money.

Here at Hot Tub Movers NJ, our highly trained team will help ensure a thorough and efficient hot tub relocation and handling plan such that your hot tub will leave its origin and arrive at its designated place without any scratch or dents.

We are known to be the best spa moving company in New Jersey for a reason.

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Hot Tub Movers

Hot tubs can weigh 800 pounds or more. That said, moving them can be really dangerous. If done wrong, the task can cause damage to the hot tub itself and the property around while jeopardizing you and your companions’ safety.

When it comes to safe hot tub relocation, our seasoned and highly skilled hot tub moving operators will deliver the task with efficiency and quality according to the best relocation procedures with the help of the tools, equipment, and crane trucks that we have invested in.


Hot Tub Relocation

Moving a hot tub is one of the most difficult things to do when renovating a place. Numerous customers from New Jersey have called us for help. Hot Tub Movers NJ has been providing a solution for these needs through our reliable moving plans. Here, we gauge the weight and dimensions of your hot tub to know how many movers will be needed to help in the actual relocation. Hot Tub Movers NJ also takes into consideration the refilling, water drainage, and the safe power connection to ensure that your hot tub is all ready to use once it has been installed.

Hot Tub Cover Repair

Don’t let your hot tub cover rot and affect your hot tub’s heating functionality. Avail of our hot tub cover repair services to keep your hot tub’s performance at an optimum without hurting your wallet. We, at Hot Tub Movers NJ, provide efficient and convenient hot tub cover repair services with affordability. We even replace hot tub covers too if need be. You can count on us!

Hot Tub Delivery

Our team of professionals will handle and deliver your hot tub with caution to ensure a damage-free service. Your hot tub will be picked up and delivered straight to the location you provided using our spa dolly or our small flatbed truck. And we do not just deliver them for the sake of delivering; we make sure we take the best route to ensure a damage-free and smooth delivery.

Hot Tub Repair

We do not just move hot tubs; we repair them too. Contact us; together let us restore the life out of your precious hot tub. When it comes to hot tub repairs, here are what we can do:

Fixing Leaking Spa Plumbing.

In the long run, your hot tub might leak either caused by leaking spa jets, skimmers, unions, or manifold plumbing fitting. It is kind of tricky to locate which component caused the leak. You can entrust your problem to us; have us do the job. In a matter of minutes, our team of experts will be able to spot the source. Repair is surely on the way.

Repairing the Hot Tub Ozonator.

Your hot tub’s ozonator is responsible for ensuring consistent clean and harmless tub water. It is made with a UV bulb or a CD chip that transmits the ozone into your hot tub’s ozone injector via a hose. Averagely, in 1 to 2 years, this ozone runs out and it is hard to notice it. More often than not, a work-around indicator is when there is an absence of bubbles from the ozone jets.

Have us check your tub’s ozonator from time to time. Our team will be happy to maintain it for you.

Fixing or Replacing Leaking Pump Seal.

If your hot tub’s pump seal is leaking, eventually its 2-piece shaft or pipes screw will be worn out. You can check its condition by checking where the motor shaft enters the wet end linking onto the hot tub’s impeller.

Hot Tub Movers NJ can replace your tub’s entire wet end or its mere shaft seal. Replacing the entirety means a new set of seal plate, diffuser, and volute housing will be installed as well.

Fixing the Topside Control Panel.

If your tub’s control panel no longer works, call us right away for our panel repair or replacement services. All it takes is a few rings.

Replacing Your Spa Heater.

Your tub’s water is kept hot with the help of a 15” long stainless steel tube that wraps the tub’s electric immersion component. If your tub no longer heats, then most likely the culprit is that component. To avoid the problem from escalating, do not hesitate to give us a call and avail of our hot tub heater repair service.

Hot Tub Diagnosis

Stop wasting too much time figuring out what is wrong with your favorite hot tub. All it takes is a phone call. Give us a ring and have our experienced and highly skilled technicians carry out a thorough diagnosis.
Once the culprit has been found, we will immediately proceed with the repair if you give it a go.

Hot Tub Disposal

While it’s okay to be thrilled over your new hot tub, your old hot tub deserves proper disposal too. Careless handling can cause further damage to the machine and your property.

In need of help? Hot Tub Movers NJ can dispose of it for you. You can even earn a small cash return from it. Call our office; let us discuss this further.

On-site Hot Tub Moving

Our team makes use of a good set of specialized equipment to move your hot tub from one place to another. We have individual dollies and airlifts to help our team get your sparkling hot tub into its designated location without any hassle on your part. We are just a call away!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Moving a hot tub? What does it mean?

Hot tubs come in enormous sizes. Oftentimes, moving one can literally break one’s back considering its weight ranging from 400 to 2000 pounds. Thus, more often than not, moving them entails a series of tasks that need to be cautiously undertaken using the right tools, equipment, and skills – something that is better handled by professionals.

How is moving a hot tub service done?

Regardless of whether you opt for a professional service or you want to try a DIY hot tub moving, it is necessary to be knowledgeable of the steps that are to be gone through.
First, the spa must be drained, dried, and cleaned. Once this is done, then the moving team has to proceed on the transportation phase which will start by tilting the hot tub on to its side. If you want to try this on your own with the help of your friends, do note that furniture dollies are going to play an important role in holding the hot tub and transferring it to its new location. And third, when your hot tub is ready for the actual relocation, before you allow the moving to start, make sure your path is clear from obstacles. Not preparing for these might increase the chances of your hot tub and/or your other properties getting damaged.

Why is hiring professional hot tub movers the better decision?

Although hiring a professional hot tub moving company comes with a cost, its benefits make it a worthy investment. For one, the company sure has enough experienced people required to maneuver the hot tub. These people will carry out a thorough assessment and prepare the required tools and equipment like moving cushions, floor coverings, and stretch films before starting the actual moving. Not to mention, it is the professional movers who have the best knowledge about hot tubs including their disassembly and assembly instructions. Unless you have the time to learn and master these all, hiring reliable professional hot tub movers like ours from Hot Tub Movers NJ is definitely a better path to take.

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