What Is The Average Cost Of A Hot Tub Moving?


Do you need the assistance of a hot tub mover to relocate your hot tub to the deck? The sunroom? A new home? A completely new city or state? Do not do it on your own. Before you make a decision, talk with professional hot tub movers first.

Whatever is pushing you to move your hot tub, you need to do it in the most efficient and safe way. Of course, it is tempting to simply grab some friends to help you out, but it is best to let the expert hot tub movers do it so later on you do not have to stress about the mistakes or injuries made. Besides, the average cost of moving a hot tub is pretty affordable.

What to expect from a hot tub moving company in NJ

The best way to move a hot tub is to leave it to the hot tub movers who are equipped with the proper tools and skills. Relocating a hot tub is a daunting task especially because it is massive in size. 

Hot tubs vary in size and build. Some are easy to set up or portable, while others are made with stainless steel, marble, or high-grade wood. So they are not only big in size but could be quite an expensive investment as well. Their price ranges from $2000 to $20,000 depending on type and quality.

With all that said, it takes time to prepare for a smooth and safe move of your hot tub. What exactly can you expect from hot tub movers?

Well, first of all, a hot tub moving company like us, can ensure the correct planning, preparation, and hot tub moving equipment and trucks to safely relocate your hot tub. Hot Tub Movers NJ is experienced in handling obstacles and hazards, as well as maneuvering around tight spaces.

If you want to save on repair costs and a ton of headaches, the option you should take is to hire professional movers. 

How much do hot tub movers cost in NJ?

Okay, so you are thinking of getting the help of professional hot tub movers. Here is a breakdown of factors that are affecting the average cost of transporting a hot tub.

Often, the rate of hot tub moving companies offering hot tub moving lies on the distance of the move. You can expect the hot tub moving price to be around $180 to $1000. However, on average, it costs $380 in total. 

But what affects the price of relocating or moving a hot tub? 

  • Size and weight of the hot tub

Basically, the first thing that movers consider is the size of the hot tub. Some hot tubs can fit a dozen people or more. The bigger the size, the more people and heavy equipment is required to haul it away.

  • Distance of move

The second thing a hot tub moving company needs to calculate is the distance of the move. Is the move just within the property or going to be in a new city or state?

Many hot tub owners simply want to move their hot tub outdoors. On average, the on-property and flat surface hot tub moving rate are around $175. Moreover, short-distance or on-property move often only takes under 2 hours to complete.

When moving a hot tub on the same property, but on an elevated surface, you can expect a slight rise in the price. That is because lifting a hot tub from or to an elevated landscape takes more effort, time, and equipment.

Relocating a hot tub to a new place or long-distance is another story. It will cost more and some hot tub moving companies might even ask for higher fees for transportation and labor.

  • The type of equipment, crane, or truck needed

Since hot tubs vary in size and weight, lifting them up can be a challenge. Bigger hot tubs could require a crane to move them. A crane, sled, winch, or dollies might also be necessary to maneuver the hot tub through a complex operation.

  • Other additional services

The last factor to consider for the hot tub moving price is whether you need any other additional services like if you have old hot tubs you need to remove and dispose of, the hot tub needs special disassembly, or if it needs a new wiring system.

Owning a hot tub might feel the same as having a relaxation spa right in your home. A nice hot tub is a great investment for the mind and soul that you can simply go to relax, especially after going through a stressful day. 

Our expert hot tub movers always want to step up and offer high-quality hot tub moving services to our customers. Get in touch with Hot Tub Movers NJ and let our experts discuss how our hot tub moving services can help you.